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The 26th session China’s Global Food & Hospitality Trade Show

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The 26th FHC Global Food Show has come to a successful conclusion. Here is an overview of Fulan Sweet's participation:

Exhibition objective: Fulan Sweet hopes to showcase its products and services to more potential customers, enhance brand awareness and expand business cooperation opportunities through FHC Global Food Exhibition.

Exhibit selection: Fulan Sweet presents a variety of frozen cakes at the exhibition, including traditional cakes, innovative cakes and specialty cakes, to attract different tastes of the audience. In addition, Fulan Sweet also brings some new products, such as Earth Mousse Cake ,which attracts a lot of customers.

Booth design: Fulan Sweet's booth design is unique, with warm and romantic colors as the theme, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The booth also features a tasting area and an interactive area where visitors can taste the company's cakes for themselves and learn about the making process.

Market feedback: At the show, Fulan Sweet received many positive feedback and inquiries. Many visitors praised the company's products and expressed their willingness to cooperate. In addition, Fulan Sweet also conducted in-depth exchanges with some industry insiders to understand the industry development trend and market demand.

Effect: Through the FHC Global Food Exhibition, Fulan Sweet successfully expanded its brand influence and business cooperation opportunities. At the same time, the company also collected a lot of valuable market feedback information, which provides a valuable reference for future product development and market strategy.

All in all, the FHC Global Food Show provides an important platform for us to showcase our products, expand our business and understand market trends. Through the exhibition,Fulan Sweetnot only enhanced its brand image, but also laid a solid foundation for future development.

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