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Fulan Sweet provides various types of cake products to supermarkets and customize cakes of different flavors, shapes and sizes according to the needs of supermarkets to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

In modern society, people are very concerned about food safety, quality and other issues, so it is especially necessary to follow strict standards and take appropriate measures to guarantee product quality and safety when engaged in food-related industries. Fulan Sweet has established a comprehensive quality control system to monitor whether raw materials and finished products meet national standards and actively participate in relevant certification activities.We assure that the products we provide meet the relevant requirements through quality control and standardized operations.

The stability and continuity of the company's ability to produce on schedule and deliver products to the supermarket in a timely manner ensures that the supermarket is always able to maintain adequate stock and meet the growing consumer demand for products.Supermarkets can choose products from us that suit their store style and customer preferences to stabilize supply by establishing long-term cooperative relationships with us.

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Suzhou Fulan Sweet Food Co., Ltd. is a vertical supply chain manufacturer,we provide multi-product expert in materials to process of mousse.

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