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Fulan Sweet is a professional hotel service manufacturer owned experienced and skilled teams committed to providing customers with high quality, delicious cake products to meet their dessert need.Our chefs have received professional training and have many years of experience in bakery industry . They can customize various styles and flavors of cakes according to customer needs, whether it is a birthday party or a wedding celebration, and meet the requirements of customers for dessert food on different occasions.

Fulan Sweet focus on raw material selection and food safety that all raw materials used are sourced from quality suppliers and are strictly screened and tested to ensure compliance with hygiene standards. In the production process, we follow strict operating to assure that every step complies with food safety standards.

In addition, when it comes to distribution, we also pay great attention to detail and efficiency. Whether it is a large hotel or a small banquet venue, we can deliver the cakes to the designated location on time and ensure that it is delivered to the customer in good condition.

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Suzhou Fulan Sweet Food Co., Ltd. is a vertical supply chain manufacturer,we provide multi-product expert in materials to process of mousse.

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